Rare Eyes Media

Rare Eyes creates high-quality media including websites, logos, graphics, animations, videos, audio, data visualizations and more.

Located in Baltimore, Rare Eyes Media loves to work on new and exciting media projects. We are eager to collaborate and impact the world with our work. Carefully crafted designs are planned and developed to align with your needs, allowing your brand to thrive and succeed.

Clean & High Quality Websites

Clean, modern, functional and fast. Sites are optimized across all browsers and devices.

Custom WordPress Themes or Fixes

Custom HTML or WordPress themes with options for ecommerce, appointment booking and more.

Collaborative Design

Bring us your design or we can work together to wireframe and design your site from scratch.

Made with Care

We work with you to put your vision into fruition. What you can imagine we can make a reality.

Let's Get In Touch!

To learn more about our previous work or how we can help you achieve your media goals, please get in touch! Please visit the links below for additional work and experience.